Public Health Week April 7-11

We are happy to tell you about Public Health Week 2014.  It is next week at Callaway County Health Department and we are showcasing different areas each day next week and then on Friday we will have an open house from 1-4 pm.

Monday we have Healthy Eating: Recipes are available by request for a very small fee.  Come look at the recipes and chose the ones you want.  We also have a list of free apps available to everyone.  Reading nutrition labels are important and we have a sheet from USDA to show you how to read them.  Also we have Good Agriculture practice booklets for those wanting to grow and eat their own produce.

Tuesday is Preparedness day and what a great time to do this after the week of storms we have had!  We will have Ready in 3 material as well as a sign up for Citizen Notification in Callaway County.  Also we have opportunities for you to sign up to volunteer during times of disaster.

Wednesday we are all about your health!!  Free blood pressure checks, blood sugar testing for the first 40 people, total cholesterol screening for the first 20 people, height/weight/BMI information.  There will be information on adult immunizations we provide, smoking cessation, dog bites (because it is always the season for that!), tick and mosquitos, and a flyer for a class on Show Me Better Health-Managing ongoing Health Conditions.

Thursday we have Healthy Eating from Breast feeding and beyond!  We will have information on breastfeeding  as well as a free breast-feeding class (with a chance at a prize!!) at 3:00 pm.  All breast-feeding or potentially breastfeeding mothers are welcome to attend this class.  We also have lots of My Plate information for people of all ages.

Friday, join us for an open house from 1-4.  Punch and cookies and a tour of the building showing you what Public Health has to offer you.  We will also have a raffle for a lap quilt, a cook book and certificates for flu shots.

Hope we see many of you in the community at our health department next week so we can show you how we help and fit in the community.

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