Family disaster supplies Calendar

This calendar is intended to help you prepare for disasters before they happen.  Using the calendar, your family can assemble an emergency kit in the small steps over a six-month period.  Check off each week as you gather the contents.  Supplies may be stored all together in a large plastic garbage can or food may be kept on kitchen shelves.  Remember to rotate perishable stock and change water supplies every 6 months.

To get started:

  • Check your home for supplies that you already have on hand that you can store with your preparedness pack.
  • Decide where you will store everything.
  • Meet with the family for planning (this includes the kids!)
  • Explain how to prepare; explain when and how to respond
  • Discuss what to do if you need to evacuate, where will you meet up, how will you contact others, etc.
  • Practice, practice, practice your plan to make you better prepared.
  • REMEMBER if you are prepared in any way, you are creating less of a burden on EMS/Fire/Rescue.  Let them know you have a plan in place and can probably take care of yourself unless someone requests help for you!

On your preparedness journey you should select foods based on your family’s needs and preferences (if you have someone with a food allergy, you will want to stay away from products with that allergen as an ingredient).  Pick low-salt, water packed varieties when possible.  Canned meats may include tuna, chicken, raviolis, chili, beef stew, Spam, corned beef, etc.

All items marked with an * should be purchased for each member of the household (*1 can meat if for each member so a 4 person household would have to purchase 4 cans of meat).

All of the information on the next 24 weeks and this sheet was taken directly from

Missouri Emergency Preparedness Association.

We would love to hear feedback from you on this project and encourage you to be part of our preparedness group.

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