Callaway County 911 Reflective Address Sign order form

Callaway County 911 Reflective Address Sign Order Form for Health Depar…You have seen those green address signs on mailboxes, on stakes at a driveway or on a post near a house.  Those signs are important to you as well as emergency services.

When you call 911 and need police, fire, or ambulance how do they know which house is yours.  Sure google or siri or whoever can help them but they are not always accurate.

So if you have one of those green signs, Emergency services know they are at the correct location to help you when time is of the essence or it seems to be taking forever for them to get to you.

The Health Department has the order forms available for you to fill out and return along with a check for $15.00 made out to Callaway County.  Our Road and Bridge department will be making the signs now since the fire departments have become too busy with all their other responsibilities to make them (and we appreciate them doing this for many years).  So come into our office and ask for a form, get it filled out and we will send it to Road and Bridge and they will contact you as soon as the signs are ready.


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2 Responses to Callaway County 911 Reflective Address Sign order form

  1. Evans says:

    Why don’t you post the form online so people can download
    It, fill it out and mail back?

    • callawaycountyhealth says:

      We have attached the form to the site. It was sent to us as a PDF so you may have to print it off if you don’t have a PDF writer, and fill it out and return to the health department with the money. Thanks for the suggestion.

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