Disaster needs

As the flood waters start receding (not yet, I am afraid!), there will be huge needs for our friends in the southern portion of our county.  There will be many opportunities to help out.

First and foremost, pray for these people.  They can use all the positive thoughts and encouragement they can get.

Second, if you feel inclined, there is a fund set up at the court house for disaster relief.  This is the best way to keep money local and no administrative fee will be taken.  While this fund is usually small and can’t take care of everyone’s needs, they will administer it as best as possible.

Third, if you feel compelled to help with cleanup, contact the Health Department or Emergency Management to see who needs help with clean up.

Fourth, be patient.  There will be lots of damage once the water goes down, including roads, bridges, the Katy trail, houses, much farm ground, levies, trees and debris and other infrastructure (think utilities).  Most of this stuff will be done by professionals but once again if you are willing to help out, contact the Health Department or Emergency Management (there will be a long term recovery committee set up to organize all this as well soon.).

PLEASE DON”T SELF DEPLOY and start doing things, contact the Health Department if you need a TDAP shot before doing any work in the flooded areas.  Make sure to use bug spray (available at the Health department) to reduce the chance of any mosquito borne illness.

Thank you to everyone that is willing to help with this event, we know Callaway County is one of the best when it comes to helping out their neighbors.

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