Birth and Death Certificates

Birth and Death Certificate application is posted here.  Please print off, fill out completely and bring it to our office so we can speed up your visit here.  We only take cash or debit/credit cards (3% convenience charge for all debit/credit transactions) for birth and death certificates.  Remember birth certificates are $15.00 each and death certificates are $13.00 for the first copy and $10.00 for each additional copy for the same visit.



6 Responses to Birth and Death Certificates

  1. Brandon L Hays says:

    Do I need a valid photo ID to obtain my birth certificate? I lost my wallet and my license was the only valid photo ID I had (which was n my wallet).

    • cchd411 says:

      If you don’t have your driver’s license, you can bring TWO of the following forms of ID to get a birth certificate: Letter from government or social agencies, a school year book (with your photo), a W-2 issued within the last year in addition to a signed Social Security Card, Social Security card, official certified deeds or title to property, certificate of vehicle title or registration documents, proof of auto insurance, insurance policy (health, home, life, etc.), Medicaid/Medicare document or identification card, a payroll stub that includes your social security number, A DD-214 (military discharge document), Cancelled duplicate check (must show name, address, signature and name of institution), utility bills which shows name and address of applicant, shelter name band (including name of shelter). Hope this helps!

  2. kyky says:

    If I live out of state and am needing a copy of my birth certificate. Can my cousin come in and get a copy for me in order for me to get it faster?

    • callawaycountyhealth says:

      It has to be a parent, grandparent or sibling, otherwise you will have to order it from the state website or come to Missouri. Sorry.

  3. Tia says:

    my daughters social security card and birth certificate were taken by someone can you replace both of them or just the birth certificate?

    • callawaycountyhealth says:

      Just the birth certificate here, you will have to go to Jefferson City or Columbia for the social security card. Photo id and $15.00 cash if they are born in the state of Missouri.

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