Week 21

Hardware Store:

Have you made friends here yet?  Have they asked you what you are doing?  Please share with them, they will be happy to know and may direct others to do the same thing.

Heavy work gloves

Disposable dust masks


Plastic safety goggles

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Private insurance

The Health Department is now able to accept private insurance.  Contact our office at 573-642-6881 to set up an appointment to get your vaccines and not have to go to the doctors office.

We are hoping to make this a convenient way for everyone to stay up to date on all their shots.

The insurance contractors we can bill are as follows:

AARP Secure Horizons


All Savers


BCBS Federal

BCBS Kansas City

Care Improvement Plus (influenza and pneumonia only)



Golden Rule

Great West -CIGNA

First Health

Health Link

Home State/Centene (19 or older only)


Mail Handlers

Medicare B

Medicare Railroad


Three Rivers

Tricare/UHC Military West



United HealthCare

If your provider is listed, contact us and we will set up an appointment that will be convenient for you and your family.


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Week 20

Hardware Store:

Camping or utility knife

Extra radio batteries

Also: purchase an emergency escape ladder for any second story bedrooms, if needed.

To Do:

Find out about your workplace disaster plans.

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Something New and Exciting for Callaway County Health Department

Very soon we will be accepting private insurance for shots.  Come by or call our office for more details 573-642-6881.  We are very excited to offer this to our community so come on by and take advantage of this and not have to wait at the doctor’s office and pay an office visit fee.

Talk to one of the nurses (Sherri, Nancy, Stephanie or Angela) or Tammy at the front desk for details.

See you all in our office soon.

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Week 19

We are in the homestretch, only 6 more weeks to go!

Grocery store:

Heavy duty garbage bags

Quick energy snacks (raisins, granola bars, etc.)

To Do:

Have an earthquake, hurricane or tornado drill at home (since we don’t have hurricanes in Mid Missouri, you don’t have to practice that!, but it might be a good idea to practice a flood watch/warning scenario).

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Week 18

Hardware Store

“Childproof” latches for your cupboards

Double sided tap or Velcro-type fastener to secure movable objects.

To Do: Pack a “go-pack” in case you have to evacuate, we recommend at least 72-96 hours worth of items.


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Week 17

Grocery Store

Graham crackers

Assorted plastic containers with lids (that match, bet you can find those in your cabinet right now)

Dry cereal

Safety Pins

To Do:

Arrange for a friend or neighbor to help your children if you are at work.

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