Callaway County 911 Reflective Address Sign order form

You have seen those green address signs on mailboxes, on stakes at a driveway or on a post near a house.  Those signs are important to you as well as emergency services.

When you call 911 and need police, fire, or ambulance how do they know which house is yours.  Sure google or siri or whoever can help them but they are not always accurate.

So if you have one of those green signs, Emergency services know they are at the correct location to help you when time is of the essence or it seems to be taking forever for them to get to you.

The Health Department has the order forms available for you to fill out and return along with a check for $15.00 made out to Callaway County.  Our Road and Bridge department will be making the signs now since the fire departments have become too busy with all their other responsibilities to make them (and we appreciate them doing this for many years).  So come into our office and ask for a form, get it filled out and we will send it to Road and Bridge and they will contact you as soon as the signs are ready.


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Effective May 2019

Due to the poor turnout at the Monthly Holts Summit Class, we will be discontinuing it until there is more interest.  The past 3 months, there has been very little to no turnout so it does not pay the county to send someone down there after hours.  If we get more commitment from people in that area, we may start it back up.

NOW if you live in Holts Summit and need to take the food handler course, you will need to attend at the class held at the Callaway County Health Department on the last Tuesday of each month at 10 am, 2 pm or 7 pm.  Call to make sure to reserve your spot in class.

I am sorry for any hardship this may cause but we have tried to accommodate people and they are not taking advantage of it.

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Capital Region community assessment

Our community assessment is here and you can find out information on the link below.  Thanks for completing a survey.


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Fleas and Ticks oh my!

I know we shouldn’t be seeing ticks yet but there were ticks out this weekend.  So protect yourself.  Use spray, wear long clothing when you are in the woods or tall grass and CHECK everywhere for them.  There are directions attached.  If you need a copy or more information stop in our office and request the information.

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Thinking about Easter presents?

The second day of Public Health Week focuses on preventing certain illnesses.  Namely salmonella.  Did you know there are many animals (and reptiles) that can pass along salmonella?  Snakes, turtles, iguanas, chicks, ducks…

Now you know why I asked you about Easter presents.  If you or children handle any of these things, please wash your hands immediately after handling them to reduce your chance of salmonella. AND never put them in the same sink you prepare food or wash dishes in.salmonella.jpg

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Animal bites

It’s that time of year.  You are out jogging or riding your bicycle and all of a sudden a dog runs out of their yard and bites you.

Did you know that if you report an animal bite or seek medical care, the health department will investigate?

For victims:

Get to a safe place as soon as possible to obtain help.

Get the name of the owner if possible and when the animal was last vaccinated along with a tag number.

Seek medical care if needed.


For animal owners:

Keep your animal up to date on shots.

Be cooperative if someone is bitten.

Keep your animal confined if requested to do so.

Please call the health department if you have questions.  573-642-6881 and remember this is for animal to human bites.  


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National Public Health Week

Today starts Public Health Week.  We would like to invite you to check the page every day to see what the topic is and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to ask or engage us in conversation.


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