Week 7

Back to the grocery store
* 1 gallon of water

*1 can ready to eat soup

* 1 can fruit

* 1 can vegetables

Also: if needed extra plastic baby bottles, formula and diapers

To Do:

Establish an out-of state contact to call in case of emergency.  Make sure family members know who to call to ensure your safe in the event of an emergency.

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Week 6

First Aid Supplies !
Aspirin and/or acetaminophen
Rolls of gauze or bandages
First aid tape
Adhesive bandages-assorted sizes.
Also if needed: hearing aid batteries
To Do: Check with your child’s day care or school to find out about their disaster plan.

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Week 5

Back to the grocery store-Just a little note for you, if you don’t go to the grocery store every two weeks, combine weeks to make sure you are staying up to date.

*1 gallon water

*1 can fruit

*1 can meat

*1 can vegetables

*2 rolls toilet paper

*extra toothbrush

travel size toothpaste

Special food for special diets??  Pick up some every week.

To Do:

Have a fire drill at home.  If you have young kids, they have probably already talked to you about this.  Oh, and you might do more than one.  One in the winter so your family will be prepared for cold weather waiting for the fire department and one in the summer.


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Week 4

Well, here we are 1/6 of the way done.

This week, we are back at the hardware store

Plumber’s tape


Smoke detector with batteries (don’t forget to change them when you change your clocks for daylight savings time beginning and ending)

Also, ask your doctor for samples of medications.  If possible keep 7 days of medication in your preparedness kit.  Be sure to rotate medication at the longest annually.

To Do:

Install or test your smoke detector, testing monthly is a great idea.

Tie water heater to wall studs using plumber’s tape.

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Week 3

Well, we are getting in the habit of doing this weekly right?  Are you starting to feel better about a disaster?  That is our goal, the more prepared you are, the less stress you will have.

On to week #3

Grocery Store

*1 gallon water

*1 can fruit

*1 can meat

sanitary napkins (if needed, but they could be used for other things like wound care!)

1 gallon of water per pet

Pet food, diapers and baby food (if needed)

To Do:

Use your smart phone or other recording device to record the contents of your home for insurance purposes (this is a great idea anytime!) and keep it up to date.  Give a copy to someone else (maybe your insurance agent!) like a family member or friend that lives out of town.

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Week 2

So how did you do on week 1?  I would love to hear feedback from you.

On to week #2

At the hardware store purchase:

Crescent wrench (or maybe you have an extra laying around that you can put in your preparedness toolkit).

Heavy Rope

Duct Tape

2 flashlights with batteries

“bungee” cords

A leash or carrier for your pet (if needed)

To do:

Check your house for hazards.  Secure loose objects that may fly.

Locate your gas meter and water shutoffs and attach a wrench near them for emergency use.  If you are like most people in the county, you have rural water and it wouldn’t be very easy to store a wrench in the meter pit, so put it somewhere close so you can get the water shut off quickly.

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Week #1

At the grocery store, purchase the following

*1 gallon water

*1 small jar peanut butter

*1 large can juice

*1 can meat

hand operated can opener

Instant coffee, tea, powdered soft drinks

permanent marking pen

1 gallon of water per pet

Also, start purchasing the following if needed: pet food, diapers, baby food.

Things to do:

Make a family plan

Date each perishable food item using a marking pen (actually, it a good idea to mark everything with a date so you know when to rotate stock!)


*Items marked with an asterisk (*) should be purchased for each member of the household.

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